Crazy Love


Have you ever been so in love that you thought you were crazy? You having this need to be with the person and this wonderful feeling inside you when you are. It’s something that you never want to go away and the thought of that going away is horrifying. Love truly makes you do crazy things but thats what makes love so great. Once you know you have gone crazy you know that person may not be perfect but is perfect for you. You can’t even describe all the love you feel because there is not enough words. You smile just thinking about the person. The person who can drive you the craziest is most likely someone you love a lot. You can fight like crazy but always make up better than before. This kind of crazy love you can’t just give up. The second you think about giving up…

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So, yes he is a red head. He’s not like other guys though. He loves a different girl now and i love a different guy now. But I don’t know how to let go of him. I want to let go of him, but somehow I don’t think i can let go. How can I let go? It makes me question why I am in the relationship I’m in right now. Then I think…it’s because he actually likes me, loves me, takes care of me, but overall has feelings for me. You didn’t. But somehow I’m dating this awesome guy and I’m always thinking about you. Am i messed up? 



Because she loves you, she doesn’t mind fighting for you. But fighting over you with another girl? That’s something entirely different. That’s something she would never do. See, there’s a difference between fighting for someone and fighting over someone. If a girl thinks you are worth it, then she will fight for you regardless of how hard that battle may be. But if you put yourself in a position where she has to fight over you with another girl, then you are obviously not worth it. There shouldn’t be another girl in the picture in the first place. She can just have you and you can just go with her and you guys can go ahead and be together because she isn’t gonna fight over a guy who doesn’t know what he wants or who he wants. Just by having another girl in the picture, you obviously don’t care about her enough, you obviously aren’t loyal enough to her, and you obviously don’t deserve her, so she’s good.

Just another day

Sitting around, on facebook. I can’t stop looking looking and creeping on your photos wishing I was still with you. Why you do you have such a burden on me? Why cant I let you go? I guess it’s just another normal day…..Wishing and wanting you. But I don’t want you. You used me. Why would I want you still. You made me happy, feel beautiful, and smart. What is wrong with me? Am I just ugly? Am I just not your type? How is she better than me?

Wished i was single

Sophomore year I decided to go after my ex boyfriend by getting with his friend. I never really liked his friend, but I thought it might get my ex jealous and get back with me. Stupidest idea in my who life. Who knew i would fall for his friend. I really like him. Why did and still do like him even though I’m in a relationship with a guy who I’ve been dating for a year now. My ex’s friend was not even attractive. Did I just like the attention he gave me?  We both are in a relationship with different people. I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. I wish he knew I still feel about him……but it’s been a year since I talked to him. I just don’t know what  to do. Help?!